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yolanda sancho

Economist from the University of Zaragoza. Diploma of Advanced Studies in Economics, Economic Analysis and Economic Structure. Specialized in Environmental Economics.


Project Consultant for more than two decades and on issues related to Climate Change from the perspective of UNFCCC (United Nations Framework for the Climate Change Conference). She has worked on the Clean Development Mechanism project approach in Spain, Argentina and Panama.

Teacher in different educational and training centers, teaching subjects and subjects of Economic Theory, Economics, Business, Taxation, project start-up and others. She has also participated in the Leonardo da Vinci Program of the European Union for the development of online training and professional training in Perugia (Italy).


Professor from 2009 to 2014 at the University of Zaragoza of the free-choice subject “Economy, Business and the Environment”, teaching topics on Business and Environment, Environmental Markets, Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.

In recent years she has worked as an Economic Advisor to the Parliamentary Group of Podemos in the Parliament of Aragon. Among other tasks, she has organized the Forum for Climate Change and Energy Transition in Aragon (October 2018).


She has coordinated and drafted the Autonomous Work and Entrepreneurship Law of Aragon and the PL of the Chamber of Accounts of Aragon, as well as the Proposal for a Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition in Aragon.

She has been part of various social movements such as the Platform for Citizen Debt Audit (PACD), ATTAC, Marea Blanca and Marches for Dignity in Aragón, among many others, preparing documents and studies, as well as participating in various Forums and Conferences , both as a speaker and in your organization.

She has been a member of the Executive of Podemos in Aragón from its inception in 2015 to 2020, being responsible for the Secretariat of Finance and Program, as well as Counselor of Real Economy, Public Banking and Economic Alternatives.

Finally, she was a candidate, as head of the list for PODEMOS for Zaragoza, to the Senate of Spain in the General Elections of April and November 2019.

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