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A Corrala in Uruguay

A Corrala for a Country without Poverty!

Uruguay is known as the little Switzerland of America. However, a large part of its population currently lives in informal settlements.

More than 600 settlements where some 200,000 people do not have basic services.

We are generating alliances with the population, volunteer associations, businessmen, civil society and governments to create a project for a country without poverty by 2030: SDG1.

We propose the Corrala model as a Social Innovation project to reverse this situation and serve as a model for implementation in other countries.

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A Corrala in NY

A Corrala in the Big Apple!

We propose to “build” in New York a typical Spanish “corrala” with reused and recycled materials, and a social approach.

  • Basic: system of recycled maritime containers of 12 meters. long “high cube” overlapping for 20 homes / families.

  • Around a common Patio, with Urban Garden and outdoor and indoor Leisure Areas.

  • Shared use roofs for:

- Energy: photovoltaic panels for self-consumption

- Food: green roofs, urban garden

- Terraces for leisure and sharing.

  • Own Common Areas: Laundry, Cafeteria, Kitchen, Garden and Sports.

  • Shared Reading, Study or Coworking Areas. Children's Playroom.

A Corrala in Mx

A Corrala of Three Cultures!

We propose a Corrala with some peculiarities typical of the Mexican character, those known there as "Vecindades".

In addition, we include proposals for Training and preparation of various Employment Projects that manage to invigorate the project.

It is a Pilot Project that we hope to dimension on a much larger scale, in order to contribute to solving part of the great housing problem in the country.

It will finally be located in Acapulco, in the Laguna de Tres Ps, for the community of fishermen of El Arenal, who will actively participate in its creation.


LA Corrala

A Corrala in Los Angeles, California

In recent years, the different economic crises have generated a great need for housing in Los Angeles. The lack of sufficient resources to access it has led to more than 60,000 people living on its streets.


The Los Angeles City Council and its inhabitants recognize the urgent need to resolve this situation of poverty as soon as possible.We propose to carry out our experience of LA Corrala there, to provide decent housing to these families and vulnerable people.

We propose the creation of a Work Cooperative with these people, in order to provide them with a means of income, in addition to access to decent housing.

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