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Work of the Year 2021: STRADDLE3, winners of the award for the best architecture in Spanish

The project "Aprop Ciutat Vella Tactical emergency housing" by Straddle3, Eulia Arkitektura and Yaiza Terré, has been the winner of the First Prize that since 2008 celebrates the best of architecture built in Latin America and Spain, voted by a large jury of experts who have chosen your favorite built buildings out of nearly 1,000 projects published in 2020, being the preferred among the 15 finalist projects.

"Gentrification takes its toll on historic centers. Living in a walkable, diverse and equipped neighborhood is becoming a highly coveted luxury. It is necessary to regulate the real estate market and mass tourism, to democratize access to housing in compact fabrics , in addition to multiplying its stock of affordable housing, whether public or cooperative, but how to build housing in the consolidated center if it is the place where the available space is more expensive and scarce?

In a kind of urban dentistry, with what we call Tactical Housing, such as the APROP and ATRI strategies, cities are proposed to fill the cavities of their built-up teeth. It understands vacant lots, farms that have not exhausted their buildability and even excessively large public spaces as places of opportunity to house residential units that, using modular prefabrication with criteria of urban, ecological and social sustainability, achieve a faster execution, affordable, fair and sustainable than conventional public housing developments". Congratulations!!!




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