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AD Domínguez (Granada, 1971) has a Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Granada.  SouthBank Univerity (London), BSc, Degree in Computer Science, by 
Westminster University (London), MSc, Master in Artificial Intelligence and PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Alicante,

In 1984, from a young age, A.D. Sanchez was introduced to the idea of less polluting cars and a cleaner planet. The mandatory catalytic converter and unleaded gasoline prompted him to consider environmental changes. As he grew older, he realized that more challenges needed to be addressed to create a healthy environment. From plastic to industrial waste, he recognized that the responsibility lay with individuals. He began to act through small gestures: rejecting plastics, recycling glass and over the years opting for an electric car.

His interest in technology led him to obtain a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. This solid background enabled him to address complex challenges from an innovative perspective. With this preparation, he understood that technological advances could also play a fundamental role in the fight for a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

By combining his academic training and his passion for environmental preservation, he decided to take his commitment to the next level. He converted his own car into an electric vehicle, using his expertise in AI and computer vision to optimize its performance. In doing so, it became an example of how technology and environmental awareness can converge to make a significant difference in today's world.

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